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Cancer Center

Cancer Center

Fighting Cancer starts with Hope.

Central Luzon Integrated Oncology Centre (CLIOC) is part of the Integrated Oncology Centres (IOC) network. Equipped with advanced technology and medical experts in oncology who put their patients’ interests first, CLIOC aims to be the center of hope for all oncology patients. “Total Cancer Care” is exemplified through the various range of services that CLIOC offers – from cancer screening, identification, imaging, and evaluation, to diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and prevention. CLIOC is backed by a strong multidisciplinary team of specialists that includes medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, gynae-oncologists, ENT oncologists, surgical oncologists, and pain specialists to achieve the quintessential definition of what “Total Cancer Care” stands for.


CLIOC is the only cancer center offering Tomotherapy in Central Luzon, a state-of-the art radiation therapy modality that combines treatment and real time imaging. It has an outpatient chemotherapy center that provides access to the latest oncology treatment, equipped with a pharmacy specialized in oncology, providing aseptic dispensary service and full range of oncology medications. Other services that CLIOC offers include pain management, surgical oncology procedures, palliative care, traditional & complementary medicine, and nutritional support.


All of these help CLIOC to enhance the survival rate of cancer patients, proving our commitment and dedication towards saving lives. Echoing the aspiration of our parent company, Integrated Oncology Centres (IOC), CLIOC is committed and dedicated to providing patients with care and support every step of the way. We believe cancer treatment is a collaborative effort that requires the support of many people working towards one goal – the center of HOPE & EXCELLENCE in Cancer Care.

Other treatment options are also available here:
  • IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy)Tomotherapy is one of the most integrated, advanced systems for comprehensive cancer treatment which combines radiation therapy and imaging capabilities in one compact helical structure. It acquires real time CT images for set up and tumor response evaluation. Treatment delivery is via 360 degrees radiation delivery.
  • Conventional Radiation TherapyRadiation therapy is the use of properly calculated high-energy x-ray to shrink the tumor and kill the cancer cells. One of which is the CT Stimulation. This therapy is pain-free. A radiation therapy course can involve either a single or multiple session daily depending on the prescription prescribed by the radiation oncologist
Special Procedures:
  • R.S. (Stereotactic RadioSurgery)Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is a NON-INVASIVE advanced radiation therapy used to treat functional abnormalities and small tumors of the brain. SRS allows delivery of high doses of radiation to a small target over a short period of time. The goal of SRS to destroy the tumor with as little radiation dose to the surrounding healthy tissue as possible is done through combination of anatomic accuracy and advanced technology such as Tomotherapy. No need to surgically open up the patient!
  • S.B.R.T (Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy)Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), also known as stereotactic ablative radiotherapy, or stereotactic ablative body radiation (SABR) precisely targets tumors with very high doses of radiation. SBRT is used to treat smaller tumors. Among these are many types of primary tumors, often prostate cancer, lung cancer and kidney cancer.
  • ChemotherapyChemotherapy refers to cytotoxic drugs which can inhibit cell growth or cause direct cell death. Although cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs cause more side effects, they still serve the backbone of the oncology drug treatment. It can be given before surgery to support better results with surgery, given after chemotherapy as adjuvant treatment or control the tumor growth in a metastatic setting.
  • Targeted therapyTargeted therapy is more selective compared to chemotherapy. It targets a particular receptor or a particular site of a receptor instead of inhibiting cell growth non-selectively. The side effect of targeted therapy is a lot milder than chemotherapy. It, however, carries a unique set of side effects which are usually less fatal. Because targeted therapy is only active on a particular receptor, its clinical application is also limited to patients with a particular mutation. Molecular tests to look for the mutation is usually necessary.
  • ImmunotherapyImmunotherapy opens a new page of oncology treatment. Upon the discovery of programmed cell death (PD) receptors, anti-PD drugs are widely used in different kinds of tumors. Because of its unique mechanism of action, its clinical application and side effect profile is also different from chemotherapy and target therapy. Tumors that are not responsive to traditional cytotoxic chemotherapy can possibly be treated with immunotherapy alone or with a combination of chemotherapy. It definitely offers hope to cancer patients.
For more details, you may visit Central Luzon Integrated Oncology Centre (CLIOC) at the Ground Floor of MTCMC. You may also contact them at:
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  • Tomotherapy: (045) 455-2128 to 31 loc. 300, 0917-511-3542
  • Chemotherapy: (045) 455-2128 to 31 loc. 1004, 0917-899-6626
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