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Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of its vision to be a center for health care excellence, Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center (MTCMC) is committed to not only render quality health care services to our patients and other stakeholders, but also work for economic growth, social justice, and environmental stewardship. Together, we enliven the spirit of solidarity by developing, employing, and supporting services and activities with regards to:


Expert Care

It is our goal to enrich every Filipino’s lives by delivering quality health care services with compassion, sincerity and excellence to everyone seeking medical care. Our dedicated medical staff and expert doctors offer you a wide range of medical services that can be personalized according to your health needs.

Blood Donation Drives

With the commitment to saving lives and improving the quality of life of our patients, we conduct blood donation programs that seek to promote voluntary blood donation from kind-hearted individuals/groups to help vulnerable patients in need of blood.


Now a COVID-19 Bakuna Center, MTCMC provides better access for every Filipino to COVID-19 vaccines that will help them become protected from the virus and attain herd immunity.

Gender Equality

Awareness about Diseases common in Women

We strive to empower women to be more proactive with their health by raising more awareness among patients about health issues and conditions that often affect women through expert advice, consultation, and treatment by our competent health care professionals.

Women’s Health Center

To further expand our reach and touch more lives through expert care, MTCMC opened its Women’s Health Center to provide specialized services for female patients who are suffering from dreaded diseases common in women. The hospital was able to acquire a digital breast tomosynthesis or 3D Mammogram, making it the first hospital to do so in Central Luzon.

Environment & Emergency Response

Healthy & Safe Environment

Your safety is always our top priority. We always make sure to maintain a safe and healthy work and natural environment free from trash and toxic wastes through proper waste disposal and segregation. Our commitment to preserving the environment was then recognized by governing bodies for being compliant with controlling toxic wastes and substances and being a healthy hospital for the past several years.

Waste Reduction

As part of our commitment to a more sustainable environment, we practice proper disposal, segregation, and recycling of trash for waste reduction, better sanitation, pollution prevention, and environment sustainability.


The members of MTCMC are educated about different types of emergencies that may occur and trained to prepare for any unexpected or dangerous occurrence (e.g. accidents, disasters, hazards, outbreaks, etc.) through proper course of action. The emergency team are especially trained for first aid and disaster & risk management and assistance.